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What do Yahoo!, eBay, Google, and Amazon have in common? Large customer loads, complex application logic, massive database backends, mandatory high-availability, and a need for data security.

We call this class of web site an Enterprise Web Application (EWA). Developing an EWA can be an extremely challenging task, requiring the skills of talented user interface designers, business rule and application logic designers, and database gurus.

At binaryMedia we eat and breathe EWAs. While we did not build Yahoo, eBay, Google or Amazon, our Java JEE development Gurus have years of industry and academic expertise in the design and construction of EWAs. We can take your application concept and develop it into a working EWA, or we can rework your existing website into an Easy-to-Use, High-Performance, High-Reliability Enterprise Web Application. And once we've built it, we can host it on our World-Class, High-Availabity Internet Data Center.

Managed Servers

We can build a custom managed server solution to fit your application needs using best-of-breed Commercial and Open-Source technology. We use Cisco Routers and Switches, and Sun & Dell Servers running Linux and OpenSolaris. Our application servers are monitored using the Industry Standard Nagios software package from three separate, geographically-diverse locations. Our proactive monitoring insures that we are aware of server problems, or Internet connectivity issues before you or your clients.

Tell us what you want, and we can construct a cost-effective, reliable, customized solution to satisfy your application needs.

Colocation and Cloud Computing

Already have servers that need a new home? House them in our State-of-The-Art Internet Data center. We can manage them, monitor them, or simply provide a clean, well-lighted place to operate

No servers? Run your EWA on our Eucalyptus-based Linux computing cloud. It delivers high-performance, built-in failure recovery features, and its based on widely-accepted industry standards.



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